Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clement's Gate to establish an Islamic Centre

There are many Muslim organisations that have been formed to helped serve the needs of Muslims and others across the city. Many of these organisations are ethnically and culturally bound. There is however a need for a space for second generation Muslims who remain attached to their culture of origin but who are also looking for a space where they can bring their British or local identities to the fore. These people have gained something from being raised here and they feel comfortable with this aspect of their identities. Because of the lack of recognition of this aspect of our identities, many of us feel that there should be a place for us to visit – to call our centre – where we can be ourselves, Muslims within a local Bradford context.

We are seeking therefore to establish an Islamic centre that will meet our needs and the needs of those who are like us or who share our concerns and have similar needs. This will be an Islamic centre in the American mould – one which is inclusive and inviting to the whole of the community that supports it, and is modelled on the Spanish example of al Madrasa – a retreat. It will be a place to relax, meditate, enjoy ourselves, learn and help others. It will be a place that people can visit after a hard week at work. Or a place that people can visit with their families knowing that everyone will be welcomed and that there will be something for everyone to do.

It will be architecturally unique, combining the best of local architecture with Islamic design. It will be a building that will add to the local landscape and a place that can just be visited for its beauty. It will be green, employing the best of technological advancement to make it as energy efficient as possible. But ultimately it will be a place for us to remember why we are here and in a way that doesn’t make us feel that we have to leave behind our local identities. If you would like to help with this, then please get in touch with us at