Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Marsha on 'internment-lite'

Our MP, Marsha Singh, is about to vote tomorrow on the government suggestion that they require up to 90 days to hold terrorist suspects. Hopefuly, he will not abstain. His supporters suggest that he accepts and champions Muslim concerns in parliament.

Since this 'war on terror' began, only a small fraction of those arrested have been charged. Nearly everyone I speak to has either been directly affected or knows someone who has been directly affected: stop and search, being held for questioning at airports etc. This suggested increase in detention time means that if 650 innocent people are detained over the next four years, then there is the possibility that they could be detained for three months each. Since certain crimes carry punishments of two months in jail, it could soon be possible that an innocent Muslim could be held in detention for longer than a guilty criminal. The fig leaf that we have been offered is that a judge will monitor the process on a weekly basis. This is 'internment-lite'.