Monday, September 11, 2006

What more can Muslims do?

As we come to five years after 9/11, many commentators are questioning the so-called 'war on terror'. A quick glance at today's newspapers reveals the disquiet about this seemingly all-pervasive, never-ending war. I will leave the interrogation of the war on terror to others (and there has been plenty of it today, thank God) , except to say that it is quite clear that Bush and Blair have made decisions that have killed many. many more than al Qaida. This simple fact requires more than a moment's reflection.

What more can Muslims do about this evil ideology of Islamofascism or Islamic terrorism or this arc of extremism or whatever.

There are two things that Muslims can do:

Report anyone to the police whom they know is about to engage in a terrorist act. The MCB published a booklet encouraging this in 2004, this was accompanied by a press release.

Remove any moral ambiguity on this matter through publicising fatwas and inviting credible scholars to speak to Muslim communities across Britian.

Apart from these actions, I cannot see how the Muslim community holds any responsibility for terrorist attacks. Meaning, that if I was asked, 'how does one regulate against four young men in some corner of society deciding between themselves that they wish to exact revenge for British foreign policy?', then my answer would not reach beyond the above-mentioned points.

As a tragic-comic alternative, a classic and fairly feeble attempt to move beyond this position towards confusing terrorist attacks with Islam itself was provided by Martin Amis, no less, in yesterday's Observer.