Friday, February 15, 2008

Why is there only one Bob Lambert?

Whenever I talk to friends from London about the police, one name has come up again and again. I have to say that I was surprised that so many spoke so fondly and with confidance about a man from the Special Branch. He is, of course, Bob Lambert. Known to many in activist circles as a person who understands what he's dealing with. Unfortunately, there is only one Bob Lambert. The Muslim Contact Unit exists only in London and as far as i understand there is no equivalent in West Yorkshire or Manchester where two new counter terrorist units have been recently formed (six years after September 11?). This could explain why five men were arrested through early morning raids and then released two years later after Appeal. The war based on suspicion and surmise continues.

The judgement is damning of counter-terrorism and i cannot understand why this has happened. It is either a deliberate form of psychological warfare or a very bad mistake. It confirms my view that there are probably very few (practising and activist) Muslims involved in the pursue strand - this is probably because we are not to be trusted, which if true, is unfair as well as being pragmatically a bad idea. How many Muslims work for Special Branch? Or for the counter-terrorist units? You need some insider knowledge to be able to help distinguish between some young lads and serious criminals. Is there a large discrepancy between the type and kinds of Muslims employed in the prevent and pursue strands? Does this explain the mistakes? Does this situation make us safer or more at risk?