Thursday, November 10, 2005

Marsha voted for 90 days

One of the questions that I get repeatedly asked is: 'Why do you think these young men chose radicalisation?'

The reason why young men turn away from the political process is because people like Marsha Singh who are supposed to represent a sizeable Muslim community vote for the 90 days detention period. A political concern remains unrepresented because our MP doesn't have the gravitas to say 'Mais non' to the whip. It is the politics of the 'Yes men'. If the political system does not represent the political consiousness of its constituencies, then that consiousness will simply go elsewhere.

Also, one notes that more than ten ex-ministers voted against the 90 days period whereas many of the future candidates for senior ministerial positions voted for the 90 days such as David Lammy, Yvette Cooper, David Milliband, Ed Milliband, Jim Murphy, Ed Balls etc. How can we be expected to take the democratic process seriously in light of the strength of the party machinery? On a matter as important as the 90 days limit, it makes a mockery of our system which celebrates the freedom of conscience.