Friday, September 29, 2006

A new contributor

Kawthar, a Bradfordian sixth-former, has sent the following in:

The news can sometimes be quite grim, so it's always nice to hear of a story that shows how much power a few people can have.

This week the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez recommended the book 'Hegemony or Survival' in his UN speech. And masha'Allah it shot up on Amazon bestsellers list from its 160,722nd position straight to number one. Alhamdulillah now more people will read this book.

Another incident that made me smile was the case of Richard Butler who wanted to hold to his garden. Though he could have taken things further and sold square metres of his land for £1 each to dozens of different people all around the world...

Closer to home, a few years ago some boys at Belle Vue Boys' School set up a petition that they ought to be allowed to read the Friday prayer at the mosque. It is a state school where more than 95% of the children are Asian-Muslim. Masha Allah the school conceded and now the whole school finishes at lunch time on Fridays just so the boys don't miss their compulsory Jumah prayer. Alhamdulillah.