Friday, February 03, 2006

Immoral times

Most of us are fairly emotionally resilient to the world around us but the events of the past few weeks have been troubling. I want to make a point of them because I think this requires reflection.

A man found an abducted girl screaming, three men were held over the abduction of a young child, a man was jailed for travelling repeatedly to Africa for sex tourism, two brothers were found guilty of killing their step-grandmother, babysitters were jailed for the rape of a baby and a woman is alleged to have fed her partner to pigs after she had killed him.

It is against Islamic manners to speak of the forbidden. I wish to remind us here of these crimes because we tend to forget them as each day passes. Collectively, these crimes say something about our moral condition. May Allah protect us and take us towards sincerity and purity of heart.