Sunday, March 25, 2007

Preventing Extremism: A Four Step Guide to Inclusion

It seems that with civil servants working at local, regional and national levels, people have been unable to figure out an inclusive way to deal with preventing extremism.

Well, here's a four step guide:

November 2006: Project launched, chief executives of respective councils should have returned to thier cities after being briefed by Ruth Kelly on the the new fund and appointed an appropriate person (open-minded and with good people skills) to take charge of the project.

December 2006: Person X spends one month mapping the Muslim voluntary sector in the community and sends out introductory letters to all relevant persons, identifying those that would be most interested and suited to dealing with the issue.

January - February 2007: Person X visits the individuals and organisations and explains what preventing extremism is about and then asks for suggestions as to possible projects.

March 2007: Project proposals are finalised and sent back to government.