Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Racists in uniforms, march on

A story was leaked to the media today about one of the men involved in the murder of PC Beshinevsky escaping from Britian through wearing the niqab. 'Today' covered it, 'Sky News' covered it (it was a quiet sports day) and 'Newsnight' discussed it just now, except that 'Newsnight' is wondering whether this is a fabrication. So:

Who leaked this story? 'Today' should know.

How credible is it?

And what is going to happen to those who have been wronged by racists in uniforms?

The war on terror marches on. And the state wishes to continuously expand its powers to control against a trerrorist threat. But these powers are handed over to anyone who applies to join those services that function in these areas, including racists. So what checks are in place?

I think we should pursue Cardiff airport and its security personnel and find out who these two D/C 3022 and D/C 3933 are, and we should demand an investigation into their behaviour and their previous record. I also think it's time we had one place that we can complain to when someone is so appallingly treated in the name of the terrorism act.

Meanwhile, in case you have forgotten, the 'war on shampoo' continues. Except that the mastermind of the plot bigger then 9/11 has just had his anti-terrorism charges dropped. So we will wait for the outcome of this ongoing investigation, but it is not looking good. The head of the MI5 resigned on the same day as the charges were dropped. The chaos at the airports due to the security measures is said to have cost BAA 100 million and many families had their summer holidays ruined.

And still no news on the largest haul of chemical components found at a house in this country. A case of some shampoos being more dangerous than others?

Counter-terrorism will only be effective and viable if it is credible and fair.

We watch and wait.