Monday, January 29, 2007

Polling the prejudiced

Shock! Horror!

There is new poll out on Muslims. Researchers approached 327,547 Muslims who live in London and 3 who live in Luton to ask them about life in Britain and the ongoing war on shampoo.

They found:

3% said their cats preferred Whiskers.

97% said they didn't have cats.

58% agreed that it's grim up north.

40% said that they had more in common with the Irish than the Italians.

43% said they'd vote Italian.

10% said they read the Daily Mail.

38% said they only look at the pictures.

3% said they lie when asked questions over the phone.

84% said that Tony Blair would be remembered for his speeches.

39% said that Gordon Brown would make a great football manager.

98% said they had never heard of the Big Sister programme.

67% said they felt that they had more in common with those who advocated peace.

33% said they voted Labour at the last election.

22% said that David Cameron was a really great film star but couldn't remember his last film.

100% said that they didn't trust polls on Muslims conducted since 9/11.